Hi, nice to meet you. I'm Josefien, the founder of Golden Hour. I would describe myself as a chef with a focus on wellness, I believe in functional food. Food can offer you so much more than just nutritional values. The right kind of food (and herbs) not only feed your body but also boost your mood, libido and skin. Hello adaptogens!

Ever since I was a child I was fascinated about the way we humans coexist with animals and about how food affects our wellbeing. Later on I gained interest in medicinal herbs, flowers and plants and how they can help us deal with stress. 

The idea to start a brand came into fruition during my culinary education at PlantLab in Los Angeles, where I felt hugely inspired by the food culture. Upon my return to Belgium, I founded the company with the aim of creating products that should be regarded as an extension to your personal self-care. I therefore rely on fully plant-based recipes combined with the power of probiotics and medicinal herbs.

We all deal with different stressors. I believe that it’s necessary to be conscious about stress. Wellness to me means knowing what’s making you unwell and focusing on things that spark joy in your body and your mind. I think that being mindful about what we put into our body goes a long way. That’s why I (believe) in powders rather than swallowing a capsule. Make your food and drinks with intention. Use this ritual as a little check-in with your body. What is it asking for? Treat yourself! 

Golden hour is super personal to me and that’s the vibe that I’m going for!
Is there anything you would like to know? Drop a note or let’s connect over DM




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